It's Time to Focus on YOU!

Through our Beyond Sports program, you will learn about yourself at a deeper level and work on your purpose beyond sports by exploring your identity, emotions, and body-mind connections.

You will work on your definition of success and understand what matters to you. You will set goals that reflect your purpose and learn how to prioritize your time.

This program not only supports your emotional development, it will also help you make long-lasting connections with your coach and the other athletes in the group.

Who is this program for?

This program is for competing athletes and student-athletes. Each program cohort includes up to 8 athletes from different sports and backgrounds.

Our goals are to:
  • Help you learn about yourself outside of sports
  • Develop your emotional awareness and coping techniques
  • Help you set life goals and take steps to prepare for life beyond sports 
  • Build social connections with other athletes and former athletes
Nikita Uberoi
Professional tennis player

"I loved how our coach was able to incorporate techniques such as meditation, body awareness, and self-reflection into the program. Also, it's not easy to be vulnerable, but the way in which the program had us interact with each other made me feel safe and able to share my thoughts in a space free of judgment."

Michael Saleme
College football player

"I enjoyed this program because it allowed me to connect with myself in ways I have never connected before. My favorite part was the ability to meet other current and former athletes, I found it impactful because all of us are going through or have gone through the same challenges and transitions."

Mina Anglero
College track runner

"Through this program, I found a safe space to be vulnerable and grow as a whole. I realized the questions and struggles I have are common for athletes. I felt seen, heard and challenged in my thought process. This program helped me understand that I am more than an athlete."

About Q Williams
Your Program Coach

Q Williams is a mental performance coach for current and retired athletes. Q became a Gator Bowl Champion as a 2-sport athlete at Northwestern University, where he holds a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Sports Management. Q is a coach for Athletes Soul, an Official Provider for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health and the founder of his coaching program the World Class Method. 

Check out what Coach Q Williams has to say about this program!

Beyond Sports Curriculum

The Beyond Sports program is highly interactive. Each group session covers a specific topic with live exercises and discussion with other athletes. Educational videos and assignments follow each meeting to further dive into the topic.

Module 1 - EMOTIONS

Learn about the 5 main emotions and what mind-body connections are.

Module 2 - EMPATHY

Learn about empathy, emotional ownership and compassion with self and others.


What is emotional responsibility and what you can control.


Learn about limiting beliefs, ego vs authentic-self and personal bias.


Dive into yourself and articulate your definition of success and happiness.


Create your vision and learn how to prioritize your time to support your goals.

Module 7 - SYSTEMS & GOALS

What are systems and goals and how to modify your habits to achieve your goals.

Module 8 - CAREER

Learn about career paths, mentors and work values and lifestyle.

Module 9 - MOMENTUM

How to continue the momentum from this course and celebrate your progress.

Module 10 - NEXT STEPS

Moving forward after the program and networking with Athletes Soul's community of athletes and former athletes.

This program is FREE for athletes and is funded by Athletes Soul. Click below to enroll for our next cohort (registration closes mid-June, cohort starts July 5,2022).